Insurance Claims

You do not need come out of pocket for your emergency restoration and repairs if you are properly insured. Our certified technicians will collect and record all the necessary data to help facilitate a property insurance claim on your behalf.We carefully document, log and create the necessary reports that are required to ensure that your insurance claim is properly presented and justified. Insurance companies and their adjusters trust WeDry to properly restore and protect covered property whether it be damaged due to water, fire or mold.

WeDry professionals are experienced and trained in working on all insurance claim projects.

Before filing your insurance claim, make sure you call WeDry

WeDry Restoration has performed a variety of insurance claim jobs for:

o Single family homeowner’s insurance claims
o Condominium unit owner insurance claims
o Commercial building insurance claims for property managers & Homeowner Associations
o Business insurance claims for restaurants and retail stores

Insurance companies understand that WeDry will protect and prevent further damage for their policyholders.