Emergency Response Program

Through pre-planning and due diligence, we will work with your personnel to ensure your business is ready if disaster strikes.

As a conscientious and well-prepared property owner/manager, you know the importance of disaster prevention, and planning for recovery. But who is the right partner to ensure you get the most out of your disaster prevention and recovery efforts?

WeDry not only understands the importance of preplanning and due diligence… we eat, sleep, and breathe preparedness. Our goal is the same as yours: minimize – or if possible, eliminate – downtime, and keep your business or community running, whatever emergencies life may throw your way.

WeDry is the largest emergency response and disaster recovery provider. With over 10 years of continued service in Florida, we are prepared to address any type of disaster or emergency you may face.

We provide exclusive, priority response agreements to approved clients. If you would like to secure a relationship with our premier firm, call us to see if you our plans fit your need.

The Emergency Response Program (ERP) was designed specifically for those who understand the risk of a large scale loss. Such losses result from mechanical failure, storm water intrusion, flooding, and other natural disaster damages.

WeDry provides emergency pre-storm preparedness for clients including Sandbag installation, flood panel installation; board up services and other flood control and wind damage prevention services.

The Emergency Response Program offers the following benefits:

Guaranteed Emergency Response
Priority Emergency Response
Pre-storm board-up and sand bagging services
Post-storm tarping
Post-storm water extraction
Secured Pricing
Loyalty Rebate Program
Exclusive invitations to Educational events with CE accreditations

How the process works:

Apply. Submit your applic