Boarding Up

Boarding your business is a big task. Let our experts board your doors and windows to best prepare you for storms.

Unless your business is equipped with hurricane shutters, and few are, an approaching storm may require immediate action. Although they are inexpensive, plywood boards aren’t nearly as easy to install as you might think. This is particularly true if you own an office or medical facility on the second or third floor. Climbing up a ladder with tools and boards shortly before a storm is most assuredly unsafe. Only trained professionals are qualified to put in custom-fitted boards that are much stronger and more stable than anything you might find at your local hardware store.

Before A Storm

When trouble is on the horizon, we always begin by measuring the windows, doors, and other entryways of your office, warehouse, or medical facility. We can then custom cut a board to cover each of them. Next, we install these boards using plastic hurricane clips, which are not only easier and faster to put in, they also will not damage window and doorframes, as nails and screws can do. Last but not least, we will label each board before we remove it so that it can be used to protect your office or store from the next storm.

After A Storm

When a major storm strikes , business owners, like everyone else, get overwhelmed. Because they fear they’ve lost everything, they often fail to take the steps necessary to ensure they don’t lose any more. It is a sad and shameful fact of life that after any tragedy there are people who will try to exploit it. This includes tropical storms and hurricanes. Burglars, looters, vandals, and squatters sometimes try to gain access to damaged structures in the wake of a major storm. Most are there to make off with anything of value, such as computers, copiers, printers, and other office equipment and supplies. Our installation professionals can assess the damage to your business before you return. They can then determine whether or not additional board-up services are required. If, for example, a few boards have come free or been destroyed, they can repair or replace them in no time.